About Us

Welcome to RoboMop.net, the definitive resource for everything related to vacuum cleaners. Founded in 2020, we are a dedicated team of engineers, consumer advocates, and cleaning enthusiasts who share a common mission: to help you find the perfect vacuum cleaner that suits your needs.

What We Do

At RoboMop.net, we believe that a clean home is a happy home, and the right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference. Our experts rigorously test and analyze a wide array of vacuum models—from handhelds and uprights to robot vacuums and commercial-grade machines. Whether you’re a pet owner, an allergy sufferer, or someone looking for a light and versatile cleaner, we’ve got you covered.

Our Methodology

Transparency and thoroughness are the pillars of our review process. We employ a multi-faceted testing approach, which includes but is not limited to suction power, filtration efficiency, battery life, and usability. Our unique RM Score offers an at-a-glance evaluation, allowing you to quickly compare various models and make an informed decision.

How We Review

At RoboMop.net, our reviewing process is thorough and unbiased. Here’s how we ensure the accuracy and reliability of our reviews:

  1. Research and Selection: We meticulously research the latest models, examining specifications, features, and user feedback. This helps us curate a selection of robot cleaners that deserve your attention.
  2. Hands-On Evaluation: Each robot cleaner undergoes extensive real-world testing. We assess performance across different surfaces, evaluate cleaning patterns, and examine navigational capabilities to provide a holistic view.
  3. Performance Analysis: Our team rigorously evaluates cleaning efficiency, battery life, obstacle detection, and more. We pay attention to the finer details that impact your cleaning experience.
  4. User-Centric Comparisons: Our reviews provide side-by-side comparisons of various robot cleaners. This empowers you to identify the model that aligns with your specific cleaning requirements.
  5. Unbiased Recommendations: We’re committed to transparency. Our reviews are entirely impartial, free from any manufacturer influence. Our focus is solely on providing you with honest insights to aid your decision-making.

Our Impact

We take pride in being an authority consumers can rely on. Our reviews and recommendations have been cited by leading publications and have influenced product development for multiple brands in the home appliance industry.

Our Vision

We aim to become the one-stop solution for all your vacuum cleaner queries, extending our expertise to cover a broader spectrum of home cleaning technologies and solutions.

Thank you for choosing RoboMop.net as your trusted guide in the pursuit of cleanliness and home comfort. We’re committed to helping you sweep away your cleaning worries!

Founder of RoboMop: Richard B. Schmidt

Richard B Schmidt - Founder of RoboMop.net
Richard B Schmidt – Founder of RoboMop.net

Richard B. Schmidt is a leading expert in vacuum cleaner technology with a career spanning over 15 years. A combination of technical qualification, consumer-focused analyses, and a deep passion for clean homes has made Richard a go-to authority for both consumers and manufacturers in the vacuum cleaner market.

Educational Background

He began with a degree in Robotics Engineering from Northeastern University, along with a Master’s in Consumer Science from Harvard University. His unique blend of engineering knowledge and consumer behavior insights makes him particularly adept at reviewing and rating vacuum cleaners from a holistic perspective.

Professional Experience

Richard started his career at Dyson, where he was part of the design and testing team that launched several innovative vacuum cleaner models. After a seven-year stint in the corporate sector, he transitioned into a role as a consumer advocate and independent reviewer.

In 2008, Richard co-founded his blog in the vacuum industry, initially as a side project that rapidly gained popularity. The blog provides comprehensive reviews, feature comparisons, and user guides for a wide spectrum of vacuum cleaners, encompassing both budget-friendly models and high-end devices equipped with smart technology features.

In 2020, he founded RoboMop.net, where he offers monthly columns and annual buyer’s guides about vacuum cleaners.