The iRobot Brand: A Trailblazer in Robotic Cleaning for Every Home

In the realm of household cleaning, few names evoke as much trust and recognition as iRobot. A pioneer in robotic cleaning solutions, the company has transformed the way we approach household chores. In this article, we’ll explore iRobot’s fascinating history, its best-selling products, the quality you can expect, and the target consumer base that the brand serves.


Founded in 1990 by a trio of MIT roboticists, iRobot began as an ambitious venture aiming to bring robotics into everyday life. While the company initially worked on diverse applications, including military and space missions, it was the launch of the Roomba robotic vacuum in 2002 that shot iRobot into consumer prominence. The Roomba made the concept of robotic home cleaning a reality and opened a new market for automated household helpers. To date, the company has sold over 30 million robots worldwide.

Best-Selling Products

iRobot has expanded its product line to include a variety of robotic cleaning devices, but the crown jewel remains the Roomba series. Here are some of their best-selling models:

  1. Roomba 675: A budget-friendly model, offering basic smart navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity, ideal for small to medium homes.
  2. Roomba i7/i7+: These advanced models come with intelligent mapping, targeted cleaning, and the i7+ model even offers a self-emptying feature.
  3. Roomba S9/S9+: Touted as iRobot’s most advanced vacuums, these models feature best-in-class suction, advanced mapping, and the S9+ comes with a self-emptying bin.

Quality You Can Trust

Quality is not just a buzzword for iRobot; it’s a commitment. The company spends substantially on research and development to ensure each product is top-notch. Rigorous testing protocols assess durability, suction power, battery life, and usability. Advanced features like HEPA filters, which capture up to 99% of allergens, make these vacuums a valuable asset in homes with pets or allergy sufferers. Furthermore, iRobot vacuums often integrate seamlessly with smart home systems, providing an intuitive user experience.

Target Consumers

The beauty of iRobot’s product lineup is that it caters to a wide spectrum of consumers. For budget-conscious buyers or those new to robotic vacuums, the entry-level Roomba models offer a perfect introduction. For tech-savvy consumers seeking advanced features, the high-end Roomba i7 and S9 series are ideal. Pet owners and allergy sufferers will also find specialized models catering to their specific needs. In essence, whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, there’s an iRobot vacuum designed with you in mind.


iRobot has established itself as a leader in the robotic vacuum market thanks to its blend of innovation, quality, and customer-centric approach. With a rich history, a range of best-selling products, undeniable quality, and a diverse target consumer base, the brand continues to set benchmarks in the automated cleaning industry. As it continues to evolve and expand, iRobot stands as a testament to how robotics can make everyday life simpler, cleaner, and more efficient.